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“Had I asked customers at the beginning of my business career what they wanted, they would ale have replied:
“Faster horses”. So I did not ask.”.

 – Henry Ford



The company offers professional, expert training in automotive industry. We operate based on the best standards to execute tailor-made projects all over Europe. Creativity, consistency, and professionalism are our chief assets that have been appreciated in each area of our business.

Our organization specializes in training and consulting projects designated for the target group of various individual and corporate customers in automotive industry. We launch new products and services in the market based on our own formulas developed by top experts. The editorial business gives our customers the subject-related content by nationwide trade magazines.

„Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that but truly great ones make you feel that you, too, can become great”.

Mark Twain


Training projects implemented under the Technical Training Center brand are distinguished by high quality supported by experience. We specialize in legal and technical issues in automotive industry.


We operate based on a developed and proven methodology. Partnership approach and search for the most effective solutions for our customers are our principle.

We offer training courses featuring curricula that are developed to fathom issues under analysis. The subject-matter scope of training projects is adapted to current expectations and needs. Tailoring of our offer to your needs begins at mutual consultations. It is the beginning of a dialogue that allows us to best adapt our operating methods to the specific character of your company or organization.

The training is accompanied by detailed analysis of needs conducted during the meeting of the trained group and their coaches conducting the workshops. If necessary, additional consultations and diagnosing tests are performed. This guarantees that the training will achieve its goals and contribute to the growth of your company.

Training projects of Technical Training Center are tailored to specific needs and goals of companies and corporations.

The genuine process of analyzing potential and capabilities of people, teams, and organizations that we cooperate with is an important advantage of our projects.

The Technical Training Center has a wide range of tools to correctly prepare, implement, and evaluate training projects. We believe that success of training projects largely depends on preparations, hence, we pay particular attention to defining the needs and indices at each state of cooperation with our customers. The status of preparations, implementation, and evaluation of projects is fully monitored and reported.

„A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly made up your mind”.

Tony Robbins



We audit processes in our customers’ companies. The control of procedures and services is a measure of quality of a company. We want to be its authors.


Consulting is great responsibility. We are not afraid of it. We provide our customers with access to the wide range of our expertise.


Each new project is a challenge to us. The new product or service launch formula developed by our company is a guarantee of success for our customers.


Our services are a large added value for our customers. We develop programmes for the audits that our company conducts. An audit means the evaluation of correct performance of procedures and services by a company. Knowledge of applicable regulations is not enough for risk assessment to bring the expected results. It is necessary for the auditing company to know control procedures applied to an evaluated entity or service. Audits are conducted in order to eliminate errors or improve the existing procedures. Audit results include implementation of correct solutions and procedures in order to increase effectiveness of the company and optimize costs of its operations.



We provide consulting services in the area of business process optimization in automotive industry. We identify and examine the process measures, benchmark the processes against good practices and our experience.

Areas of consulting services:
– business process optimization in automotive industry,
– development of a product or service life cycle by designing, modelling, implementing, and transfer to maintenance,
– preparation of tenders in the area of development of Essential Terms of Contract in the framework of the Public Procurement Act,
– preparation of requests for proposals,
– preparation of technical documentation,
– processes in company restructuring within change management programmes, knowledge management in organization, and geo-marketing.



We propose recommendations for improvements and implement these or prepare conditions for implementation of other solutions. Our abridged model includes the following steps:

– defining a product or service,
– determination of market potential,
– planning of implementation activities,
– development of full specification of a product or service,
– development of a detailed business plan,
– preparing a product or service for sale,
– commercial launch,
– post-launch analysis.

Product certification to finalize a new product launch conducted by our company for customers of Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH.

„Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets”.

Napoleon Bonaparte


ANG MEDIA is a specialist publishing house owned by AUTO-NET GROUP. The brand was established with a view to offering exceptional and important content presented in a modern manner.

High quality product is accompanied by maintaining the identity of publications – each of them keeps its unique character. Constantly looking for new solutions and open to new ideas, we wish to meet the needs and expectations of our readers and broaden the range of our activities. By dividing our publishing offer, we hope to achieve a better fit between the published content and individual requirements and needs of our readers.


“Rescue Magazine” – the only online rescue magazine in Poland


“Rescue Magazine”, the Poland’s first unique online magazine dedicated to rescue services, focuses in particular on the latest technical solutions and technologically advanced rescue equipment and gear. Interviews, reports, and presentations comprise an important part of our magazine.

The content published in the magazine is of a high factual, editorial and visual standard. Materials, sometimes unique, present technical knowledge on products in an accessible and interesting form. The main asset of “Rescue Magazine” is its highly regarded authors with enormous professional knowledge. Among them are experienced editors who cooperate with the largest national papers and magazines on a daily basis. These are the best experts, practitioners and authorities in the field of rescue services.


“Rescue Market Review” – a review of the rescue market on your desk every three months!

A new quarterly, “Rescue Market Review”, is a supplement to the content presented in the online magazine. It is a compendium of knowledge on new products and services in the rescue business, both in Poland and abroad.

“Rescue Market Review” is dedicated to decision makers who influence purchase decisions. So if you are a chief of a State Fire Service unit, chief of a local voluntary fire department, a representative of emergency medical service, you belong to a professional organisation or an association, or you are just interested in rescue technology, the “Rescue Market Review” quarterly is the right thing for you!

Each issue of the quarterly shall include detailed and exhaustive descriptions of specific products and services which shall certainly facilitate choosing the right solution. We will make reliable analyses and will give you the full information on many available solutions. Due to “Rescue Market Review” you shall know both the assessments of experts and by users themselves. We wish to convey reliable opinions to you, disseminate/ popularise/ introduce/ create/ new trends in the industry.




“Technical Rescue Book” is a detailed presentation of tasks and hazards relating to participation of rescue services in untypical incidents. Each issue contains plenty of information on the latest technical solutions necessary for effective and efficient rescue operations.



“Technical Rescue Book” is an almanac of each rescuer where they can read about exemplary rescue operations, which will be described and analysed in detail by the experts. In addition, the reader can read about the state-of-the-art equipment used during unusual incidents.

The first issue will be dedicated to the hazards relating to vehicles and buses running on compressed natural gas (CNG) and on liquefied natural gas (LNG). This matter is of particular importance, particularly in the context of public transport. In recent years, the CNG buses have appeared in almost every larger city and this new technology is now a considerable challenge for rescue services.

In “Technical Rescue Book” the reader will find also a lot of technical information: technical specifications of vehicles, fuel system schematics, manufacturer’s recommendations for emergency situations. In a specially arranged staging we will also show the diagram of operations and methods of securing the hazard area. We will try to present the problem with a sufficient degree of detail so, if necessary, our readers could also efficiently carry out similar operations, saving human lives.

“Technical Rescue Book” – knowledge that you will not find elsewhere


Turn on and watch – RESCUE TV means interesting reports and exciting coverage


The RESCUE TV platform is an exceptional proposal for the reader, supplementing the content published in the online magazine. The modern format enables presenting the video information on products and services available in the Polish and European market.

It is one of the few platforms which, enables playing full professional presentations.

RESCUE TV means also own productions made to order, with professional voice-over, best graphics, artists, music and editing. The complement will be varied footage from rescue industry fairs, training courses and conferences.


ANG Media offers publishing editorial services for companies and institutions. We help prepare all types of materials necessary for effective marketing communication. We offer the full range of publishing services.


We prepare  

professional corporate and industry publications.


We provide

professional journalist and editorial services.


We offer support  

our Advertising Department.


We design

modern and top-quality graphical solutions.


We develop  

and print various types of materials.


We advise

in the area of brand strategy planning and promotion.